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What do you do?

Prolific Pest Control eliminates ants, roaches, spiders, earwigs, silverfish, and other crawling pests on your property (outside and indoors). Read more about individual pests... The Operator, Jesse Sheeran, has over 7 years experience in the Southern California pest industry, and he has completed continuing education courses in Pest Management Operations from Purdue University to supplement his field experience.

Indoor treatments are included for target pests at no extra charge! Exterior spider webs and wasps' nests are cleaned out with a dewebbing tool and we inspect areas where pests are commonly found.

The licensed technician will treat the entire base of your home with residual products, and around window and door frames, making sure to get product in every crack and crevice where insects live. Prolific Pest Control applies repellent product on the outer perimeter fence-line of your property because crawling invaders constantly reproduce in attempt to re-infest your home. We reinforce our work by spot treating key harborage areas in your yard, as well as taking care of additional structures or any other problem area. Garage and shed treatments and/or indoor application does not carry extra fees.

We also granulate lawns to control crawling insects, slugs, and snails. We do guarantee your 100% satisfaction with our service. Our technicians are trained to be safe, thorough, and effective at all times.

Additionally we offer services for flying insects, rat-proofing, and specialty pests like bedbugs and German Cockroaches. There’s no pest problem too big or small, Prolific Pest Control has the solution for insects, spiders, rodents, and more!

What do you do?

Prolific Pest Control eliminates ants, roaches, spiders, earwigs, silverfish, and other crawling pests on your propertyRead more

How much does it cost?

Bimonthly service is not typically more than $69 Every Other Month. All re-treatments are free and and inside service is included. Read more

I have pets.

Most of our customers have dogs or other pets and we do everything possible to maintain the highest standard of pet safety.Read more

Is it safe for children?

Hiring a licensed and bonded pest control company is by far the SAFEST way to take care of pests!Read more

What is the PROLIFIC guarantee?

If the need for additional service does arise, a licensed service technician will resolve the problem within 24 hours at no additional charge.more

I have another service, how much does it cost to switch?

No initial service fee for switch-overs! Call today to schedule a no obligation consultation.Read more

How can I get a free month of service?

Anytime you refer friends or relatives to our company, we will credit your account with a free month of service!Read more

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