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There are approximately 12,000 ant species known worldwide.

Only 12 of those species are major pests here in Southern California, but they are among the most annoying pests that we encounter.

Ants usually nest in the ground, but create pathways through foundations, wall openings, and cracks to plunder kitchen and food storage areas. When conditions are right they will set up nests in wall voids and other protected areas inside the home.

The ant feeds voraciously on sweets, grease, and food matter, in addition to plant matter, protein, and grain. Some species can strip all of a tree's leaves in just one night. There is practically no food item that will not be eaten by some species of ant, and most species will eat a variety of foods.

Treatment methods are similar for most ants, but there are specific treatments and baits for specific ant species. To date, no universally effective ant bait has been developed because there are so many species with variable food preferences and highly discriminating feeding behaviors. Not all ants are the same, but all ants can be eradicated.

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